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Pervert SOBs.


Last night I didn't even use the computer when I got home from work. I played video games on the couch until very late. It was wonderful.

I was going to talk about some foolishness, but instead I'm going to talk about Perverted Justice. This post is meant to horrify, elighten and energize you, especially those parents out there. Perverted Justice is an on-line organization (started here in Portland, incidentally) where adults set up underage profiles in chat-rooms and social networking sites, and wait for perverts / child molesters to proposition them. This occurs alarmingly frequently.

A couple years ago I worked with a fellow involved working for Perverted Justice. I saw him on T.V. luring the bastards to where police would arrest them. Where are you now, JeffMo? Today, driving home from work, I was reminded of their work when founder Xavier Von Erk was interviewed by tedious podcast Life Online. A frightening tidbit from the interview: the single most populous profession of perverts fingered by the site is teachers! I went to the PeeJ site, and read some of the chat logs for these guys. It's really scary stuff - they are master manipulators.

If you have any spare time, skills, or money, these folks are worthy recipients of your volunteer / activism work. Whew. That was some tough content, huh? How about some kitten pictures?


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