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Photoshop - Seamless Background Photos.


Seamless Background Photo I used my own photograph of Dale Chihuly's glass installation at ceiling of the Bellagio as the base for this seamless background. The number of objects and variety of color in this photograph made it quite an ambitious choice, but the transparency inherent in the glass artwork mitigated some of the odder blends.

I created this background in Photoshop. Here is a summary of the steps I used:

  1. Leaving a wide margin, copy a new image from original. This margin will give you extra source data for the blending the seams, so make it a little wider than the objects in the original photograph.
  2. Use the Offset Filter (Filter> Other> Offset) to shift the image 50% of its total dimensions both horizontally and vertically.
  3. Save your .PSD.
  4. Create a new layer.
  5. Use the clone tool to paint a large area into the new layer from the original layer.
  6. Align the new layer directly on top of the original layer. Set the layer blending mode to "difference" and nudging with the arrow keys will help.
  7. Add a layer mask to the new layer.
  8. With a soft brush, edit the new layer to blend nicely into the original layer. Paint black to "erase" the new layer and white to paint it back in.
  9. Go back to step 3 and repeat until the seams are gone.

Some notes:

Here's a more thorough tutorial of turning photographs into seamless backgrounds.


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