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More Bitching.


I've used Zipa as the webhost for myself & my clients since early 2004. Originally, I was attracted to the price of their co-located hosting for very small sites. About $3 per month for 20 megs, which was all we needed at the time. The other options were all around $8 per month.

Zipa's servers (and presumably most of the staff) are located in New Orleans. I was delighted when, during the days after Hurricane Katrina, I saw no downtime, and frequent proactive status updates. I was excited reading the company's blog - insider tales of the reality of staying the broken city. And I know the company probably needs the financial support right now.

But I'm becoming irritated with them as a consumer. In all the time I've used their web-enabled account management tools, they've never gotten any easier to use. It's always tricky to figure out how to add a new account. When I changed my email address, I swear I updated it in all my accounts - but apparently I only did half. This last difficulty resulted in a bit of downtime for my blog here, when they shut off my account for non-payment. Gah! Shouldn't I see some progress, some teensy-weensy interface improvement in 3.5 years?

The whole business is tempting me to switch to a different host next time renewal time comes around. The much lauded Dreamhost offers plans for $8 a month - but that's still a bit high. Laughing Squid, home of artistes every where, offers some discounts to bring the price down to 8$ monthly, but we can still do better., who I've done all my domain registrations with, offers a $3.19 monthly plan with a bunch of free open source software / installs. That's more like it...

What a pain in the ass it is to change over, though. This bears some thinking.


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