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Too Many Emails.


I've signed up for quite a few commercial emails, and I'm pleased by most of them. The glass shops email me class schedules. The Space Needle emails me coupons. The library emails me when my held books are available. I want those emails; I get actionable information and useful coupons.

But Eddie Bauer sends way too many emails. They emailed me every day in the 5 days before Christmas. On average, I get an email every other day. At first, I signed up for the email list because it seemed to be the only way to get the frequent buyer coupons. (It isn't, actually. They mailed me a $10 certificate at the end of the year; and I bought a $9.99 sweater. They paid me a penny to take the sweater away!)

The frequency of emails really irritated me; just how often do they expect me to come into the store? Then I set up a message filter in Thunderbird. Now Eddie's emails are quickly filed away before I even see them. Problem solved.


Tags: marketing self-improvement

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