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Gaming For The Win.


Check out this article on Madden in the NFL. Not John Madden the man, per se, but Madden NFL the video game. A realistic enough simulation such as this allows players to get to that 10,000 hours of experience without the physical punishment of time on the field.

Several years ago, the husband used to win 98% of our cribbage games. Then I took a few terms of night classes at the community college. The bus ride to and fro was nearly an hour each way, and I would pass the time playing cribbage against an insanely good AI on my PDA. When husband and I play cribbage now, it's anybody's game.

I better start practicing Settlers of Catan and Carcassone on the Xbox. Is there an electronic version of Dominion? I'm embarrassingly bad at all of those games.

Better yet, how about a glassblowing simulator? I'm sure this could be done on the Wii; the Wiimote has a very sensitive gyroscope and the Wii Speak has a microphone. By no means would a glassblower's bench and rails be the silliest Wii peripheral out there. It sure would save me a lot of money in shop fees.

Hey Luigi, make a-me a punty.


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