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Flour - Converting Volume to Weight.


When baking, I prefer to measure flour by weight rather than by volume, particularly when measuring flour. The best results come from the precise and repeatable measurement of ingredients that measuring by weight delivers. Measuring by weight is also much faster - since I don't have to fiddle around with sifting or leveling off the cup. The only difficulty was in converting the volume-based measurements called for in most recipes into a weight for my kitchen scale.

Flat Cookies on the right, puffy cookies on the left For a while, I would simply equate a quarter cup of flour to one ounce of flour. Then I came to the conclusion that my cookies were simply not as puffy as they should have been; shown in the left of this picture. They had a crispy outside, but were missing a softer inside.

I looked through The Fannie Farmer Cookbook, I'm Just Here for More Food, and several issues of Cook's Illustrated to compile the table below. After using the conversions in this table, I was rewarded with the much softer, puffier cookies; shown at the right of the above picture.

Volume Weight
12 1/2 oz 2 1/2 cups
2 1/4 cups 11 1/4 oz
2 cups 9 1/2 oz
1 1/2 cups 7 1/2 oz
1 cup 5 oz
3/4 cup 3 1/2oz
2/3 cup 3 1/4oz
1/2 cup 2 1/2oz
1/3 cup 1 1/2oz
1/4 cup 1 1/4oz

See this chart for more detail.


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