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When Beggars Can Be Choosers?


I work in downtown Seattle. I encounter a constant stream of panhandlers while walking to and from the office. I never give them money. Once time, I bought an extra turkey sandwich at the grocery store, thinking I'd give it to a fellow with a sign just outside the store.

"Oh", he said, "I'm vegetarian. But I'll take a coke!" So I pulled a pulled a Diet Coke out of my 12-pack and gave it to him. I ate the extra sandwich the next day. Somehow, I got the feeling that he'd have been allergic to peanut butter if it had been a PB&J sandwich.

I finally found a way to feel like I'm doing good. I donate to The Millionair Club - a downtown Seattle organization to help the homeless with food, hygiene, work opportunities and social services.


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