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Glass Pumpkin 2009 #2.


Glass Pumpkin 2009 #2 Here is another of my attempts at a glass pumpkin. I did this one during a "blow your own" session at Blowing Sands, a little glassblowing studio quite close to home. This pumpkin is less than perfect because I asked to do more in way of heating and shaping the piece than with previous pieces. But I still think it's quite cute!

After shaping the pumpkin body, you still need to do a stem, which I find quite intimidating. You have to gather a bit, pick up the color, and dunk it in the mold. Then you attach it to the pumpkin, twist the bitrod, and swirl it around some kind of tube. Lastly, cut the stem off the pipe and torch the end to smooth it. And you have to do all of this quickly, before the pumpkin body shatters! Lon Clark, the professional glassblower who runs the BYO events at Blowing Sands, did this stem.

As always, thanks to the husband for the photography.


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