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Microsoft will be releasing IE7 as a high-priority update via Windows Update. This means that, theoretically, the vast majority of Windows users will be automatically upgraded from old, freaky, non-standards compliant IE6 to new & shiny IE7. [Upon hearing this news, web developers simultaneously go eeek!] As a developer, I feel I'd better keep using old freaky IE6 as a standard test until Google Analytics assures me that the majority of my viewers are upgraded. Also, the hubby's recent experiences with the new version of iTunes make me concerned about installing any new software, no matter how well vetted the manufacturer assures me that it is.

The good news is that Microsoft offers a utility to disable this Automatic Update. You can read all about it at the link back there. I have installed this, and I'll be keeping an eye on things when the update goes out.

Also, it turned out that the conditional comments I was lauding previously are a bit controversial. Some people feel/felt that using conditional comments was going back to the bad old days of JavaScript browser detection and different pages for different browsers. But I think that, at least in the way I've implemented them in my resume, it's a terribly convenient way to protect the compliant browsers from all those hacks that IE needs. So, I'm sticking with the conditional comments. Paul Boag approves, at least.


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