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Best Yet Interaction With a Clipboard-Holding Petitioner.


Summertime is a very popular time for those clipboard holding signature seekers to be stalking the downtown populace. Alas for them; I have well developed methods for shutting down their game. They just keep trying, though. Recently, I encountered one while walking to the bus home after a long day of work.

I saw him from a block away; alone, clipboard in hand, trying to engage passers-by. He saw me from half a block away; business clothes and no companion; and thought he found a mark.

I saw him noticing me - he open his arms and smiled. I rolled my eyes, smiled a little, and shook my head. He kept trying.

Him: Hey, how ya doin'?
Me. Not interested, thanks. (I turned the corner and kept walking.)
Him: Oh. Oh, I'm not interested in you either. Ha ha. (As I walked away. Still friendly, but disappointed.)


Tags: marketing protip

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