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It's not just for hooking up.


As I've been preparing to move, I've been getting rid of extra stuff. Sometimes it's difficult - I decided I no longer needed my roughly 8 cubic feet of childhood legos. I decided to give them to my sisters or something, and my mom said she'd keep them. Sometimes it's easy - we traded in a bunch of DVDs to Hollywood, and used the store credit to buy some new video games.

The best way I've discovered to get rid of stuff is through Craigslist. From my point of view, people there are a little nutty, and will buy practically anything. I've sold a broken PS2 for $20, a computer cart for $50 (I didn't pay more than $70 for it new), and a papasan for $10. The papasan was the best sale. I bought it for $10 years ago, my husband has always hated it. I couldn't give it away to my sisters. But someone on Craigslist wanted it. And now I have $80 more than I used to!

PS - I've noticed uses Google Analytics too.


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