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PAX 2010 - Concerts and Benaroya Hall.


One big change to this year's PAX was to hold concerts and some speaking events at Benaroya hall, rather than at a stage erected in a large room at the convention center.

The biggest disadvantage to using Benaroya was that it doesn't hold nearly as many people as the old room. The husband and I missed out on the Friday night concerts because all of the available wristbands had already been given out. We hauled our butts out of bed and to the convention center very early on Saturday morning to be sure we got our wristbands for Saturday night's events at Benaroya. A lot of folks also thought that the walk from the WSCC to Benaroya Hall was too long. I'm of average health, and I didn't have a problem with the walk.

For me, the advantages of using Benaroya Hall outweigh the disadvantages. The ad-hoc stage of the previous year was standing room space up front, folding chairs in back, and monitors rebroadcasting the action on the stage to those in the back. The very large stage room had the feeling of an empty warehouse, with no slant to the floor as found in theaters. If you weren't in the standing room space, (or even if you were, but are a little on the short side), you didn't have a hope of seeing anything on stage. I really preferred seeing the concerts in the concert setting of Benaroya.


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