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Wow, it's been a whole week since the last post. I've been busy - partying, scoring job interviews, making cookies. Anyhow, onto the content.

I dislike reality T.V. I find most reality shows are freak shows of dishonesty and deception that make me uncomfortable. I quite like one notable exception however, the Biggest Loser. It's often uplifting and quite inspiring, and occasionally tugs at my heartstrings just so. I was caught by the premier, and it was more of the same good stuff, broken up by irritating cliffhanger commercial breaks. I was so excited and inspired that I did pretty much the opposite of what the producers would have wanted. I turned off the T.V. and pulled out the DDR mat. I hopped about for about 35 minutes and got all sweaty. Yay me!


Tags: self-improvement

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