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Riding the Rails.


I'm on the train, going to Seattle, using a laptop borrowed from work. Working with this hardware is giving me an appreciation for how irritating alternate input devices are. I'm quite unadept at using the nipple mouse, and I end up circling around my target in ever decreasing orbits before I can reach it. This is only aggravated by the neutered keyboard on the laptop. There's no Windows Key, there's some unknown Fn key where Control should be. Just another lesson along the lines of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Here's what I was really thinking about. My picks for the top 3 hottest kids toys for this shopping season:

No, you don't get URLs since I'm 'going commando style' as I write this. You'll just have to Google 'em yourself. Time to find me a power outlet.


Tags: hardware marketing nintendo wii

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