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World's Fanciest Butter Dish.


An oval, hand blown, glass vessel - yellow with white stripes This piece's original destiny was an oval shaped platter, but I liked the shape when it was half bowl / half platter, so I stopped flattening then and boxed it. The oval shape comes from using the cork paddles to flatten the piece (as seen before on Mr. Ugly) before transferring to the punty.

An oval, hand blown, glass vessel - yellow with white stripes This color application was a base layer of K20 Brilliant Yellow, with a "hot cross swirl" in K61 Dense White. The gaffer touches the hot colored bit (white, in this case) to the moile, draws it around the piece to the opposite side of the moile, rotates the pipe 90°, and draws the color across the bubble again. I had a lot of space in-between one of my stripes, so I drew on another leg with the color bit. Unfortunately, the yellow and white colors burned together - creating the ugly brown smudges. My instructor says it's probably not the white that's the main culprit, but the yellow.

An oval, hand blown, glass vessel - filled with chocolate easter eggs This piece is the perfect size for a stick of butter. Of course, it also holds candy.

As always, thanks to the husband for the photography. Except for the 3rd photo here - I deserve all the blame for that out of focus mess.


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