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The Sezmi.


In February, our household ditched cable T.V. service in favor of a combination of Netflix, a new DVR and less T.V. overall. For our new DVR, we chose an over-the-air DVR from a company called Sezmi. Unfortunately, last month Sezmi decided to cease providing direct to consumer service.

While we could watch previously recorded shows, the DVR stopped recording new shows, and seemed to lose the listing service. We could still manually set recordings, and choose live T.V. by network.

However, we recently rebooted the Sezmi, and since then it's started automatically recording shows, and it's been showing the listings information again. Hooray! This will certainly stave off the need to research and purchase a new DVR solution for a while.

Katie Katie

After a while, the Sezmi stopped picking up listing information, even after a reboot. Also, the internal clock in the Sezmi wasn't exact, and without the Sezmi service to set the right time, its clock was more and more offset as time when on. The last gasp of the Sezmi will be when we scavenge its 1TB hard drive for something else.


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