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iOS 5.0.1.


Last week, I upgraded the software on my iPhone 4 from iOS 4.something to the newest version (5.0.1). The new iOS adds a lot of great features that make the iPhone even easier to use. Here are some of the best features that I've noticed:

Lastly, just before I upgraded to iOS 5.0.1, I had noticed a distinct drop in my iPhone's battery life. I know there were some problems with the iOS 5.0 battery life, but I started noticing battery life issues at the end of October, and I hadn't upgraded to iOS 5.0. Previously, the iPhone would have 30% - 20% of its life left by the time I plugged it in to charge at night. When the problem started, the iPhone was getting down to 5% - 10% of a charge by the same time. The good news is that the iOS 5.0.1 upgrade also fixed the issues that I was seeing with battery life.

Katie Katie

I just discovered what may be the best iOS5 feature - the ability to finally specify the color of each different calendar!


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