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Firefox's Scratchpad.


The below information cost me 90 minutes of my working day to earn. I pass it to you, loyal reader, for the bargain basement price of about 3 minutes.

It used to be that Firefox could execute JavaScript directly out of the URL. But, since Firefox 6 (August), this is no longer functional. Instead, Mozilla has provided a much nicer multi-line Scratchpad for editing JavaScript. Executing new JavaScript on a live page is something I do almost every day, so this is a great addition. And of course it's well populated with keyboard commands. Nicely done, Mozilla!

The current production version of Firebug (web developer add-on par excellence) has a bug where the JavaScript resizeTo function will not work if Firebug is enabled in the browser. To use resizeTo, you must disable Firebug from Firefox entirely; simply disabling Firebug for the browser window in question is not sufficient.


Tags: firefox javascript tooling web-development

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