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Respect the Non-Beer Drinkers.


Let's talk about "tasting rooms" - sort of like a brewery's company store, they sell a few ounces of their beer for a buck or two. Sometimes they have pretzels or nuts, but they're not a full bar and they don't have food. They just have beer from the brewery that they're in.

As a beer connoisseur, the husband loves these places. But as a non-beer drinker, they offer very little for me. So what can a tasting room do to ensure that they're something more than a quick stop while I watch the husband drink?

  1. Make some root beer, and offer it on tap with the other beers. If nothing else, carry another brand's root beer or soda.
  2. Get some food. Seattle has a great wealth of food trucks, and I'm sure they'd love to park at your place and sell some food.

The longer that the non-beer-drinkers (aka the designated drivers) are kept entertained - rather than feeling left out - the longer our whole group will stay at a tasting room.


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