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Why I Still Use GoDaddy, For Now.


Yes, I'd love to switch from GoDaddy to another host and registrar. GoDaddy's advertising team has for years made it clear that they don't see me in their customer base. I dread using GoDaddy's admin tools to do anything; simple stuff like renewing a domain or hosting or even adding a sub-domain. There is always some sneaky up-sell attempt. But at this stage, I'm pretty good at finding the button for "No thanks, just the loss-leaders".

I'll continue using GoDaddy for my personal projects for the foreseeable future. For one thing, I'm super cheap; I just can't spend an extra $60 - $100 a year for the warm fuzzies from another host/registrar. Also, GoDaddy's customer support is USA-based, and they have always been super-responsive and smart; only once when I've called have they failed to fix the problem on the first try. And in the CSS-Tricks stolen domain saga, GoDaddy's support comes off reasonably well, especially compared to other cheap hosts.

But I can't in good conscience recommend GoDaddy to others. Especially since I found out that Dreamhost offers free hosting to 501(c)(3) non-profits.


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