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Another 3 Books for Web Developers.


After reflecting on my recent post Three Must-Read Books for Web Developers, I thought I'd also share three of the books I read when I first started building web pages back in 1999:

  1. Unknown giant HTML4 reference manual: Embarrassingly, I can't remember the precise title or author of this one. It was a 700+ page reference manual for HTML4 and XML. It may or may not have included a bit on JavaScript, but I don't think there was any CSS in it.
  2. Web Pages That Suck: Learn Good Design by Looking at Bad Design [with CDROM] by Vincent Flanders, Michael Willis: This was a design focused book which looked at a bunch of hideous and painful websites of the time. Pick up a copy if you want to see how far web site have come.
  3. JavaScript Goodies (2nd Edition) - Joe Burns, Andree Growney: This was a pretty good introduction to JavaScript for its time. I read the first edition, and then picked up the second edition when it was published in 2001.


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