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It's been a while since last I wrote. I've been busy. The process of moving has been a whirlwind of putting crap into boxes, hauling those heavy S.O.Bs into a vehicle, driving to Seattle, and then the reverse of all that. Our apartment had just turned the corner from 'rooms full of boxes' to 'living space with boxes'. Then we went down to Portland and got more crap, and also bought new crap from Ikea. Now I've gotta find a storage place, and a gym. So it's been busy.

Since I was moving, I had to give notice at my old job (making web reports for Hollywood Video). I loved that job - best group of people I've ever worked with, and I'm sad not to be working with them all. On my last day, I had a difficult time believing that I wouldn't be going back the next day. I'm really excited by the new job, and it really is a super opportunity, but I still miss the old comfortableness.


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