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PAX 2013 - Minigames.


In addition to the video and tabletop games I played at this year's PAX Prime, I also played a few of the mini-games of PAX:

  1. Assassin's Ball: Each player gets a button to wear with a colored symbol, as well as a "mission" card which matches another player's button. Your mission is to "assassinate" that other player; which is usually done by tapping them on the shoulder, politely saying "I'm your assassin", and optionally giving them a small "sorry I killed you" present. I played with a few friends on my team, and it was great fun. We got to look out for each other, and meet some new people. The "Second Lives" allowed assassinated players to come back and continue playing; and added a lot of fun by increasing the number of available targets.
  2. PAX XP: By scanning small barcodes at various locations throughout the convention, attendees get tiles which complete a picture on their smartphones. By showing a complete picture to the info booth, attendees win a miniature 8 piece puzzle cube, similar to a Rubik's cube. I did earn the cube, but I haven't yet solved it.
  3. CAH deck completion: Cards Against Humanity is a social card game (like Apples to Apples) but it's decidedly non-work-safe and full of horribleness. The PAX swag bags included a random selection of new and exclusive CAH cards, and naturally we had to beg, borrow and trade through-out the convention to complete our set. Thanks to the husband for getting us a complete set!


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