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Disappointment and Baking.


It's nearly 9pm on Halloween night. We've had one group of exactly 7 trick-or-treaters, and I'm very disappointed about that. I blame terrorists. My mom blames Super Nanny. As Linus says this time of year, "We're obviously separated by denominational differences."

Last night, I made some halloween cupcakes, which really turned out quite good. I also made frosting using the 7 Minute Frosting recipe, which turned into a culinary train wreck. I discovered far too late that I had corn starch instead of corn syrup. I tossed caution to the wind, and threw in extra sugar and water. I was also missing a hand mixer, so gave the whole double-boiling mixture as much vigorous hand whipping as I could, and then some extra time on the KitchenAide. It looked okay, if a little marshmallowy, so I dyed half of it orange and put it in fridge. I intended to frost the cupcakes tonight.

Today, the refrigerated frosting was too stiff. I added a tad of water and microwaved it, which just didn't mix well. I ended up with a watery, gloppy orange mess. So I used my old stand-by method - powdered sugar cut-outs. I cut some ghost and bat shapes out of paper, placed those on a cupcake, and sprinkled powdered sugar over that. It turned out pretty cute, and still damn tasty. I still miss the trick-or-treaters, though.


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