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CascadiaJS 2013 Talk Notes.


Late last year, I went to CascadiaJS 2013 - a small (275 people) JavaScript conference in the Pacific Northwest. Below are my notes from the most interesting talks; along with links to speaker's talk and slides, and other useful links. Each one of these talks is absolutely worth your time.

Righteous JavaScript, Dude! (Being a teenage programmer) - Zach Bruggeman

Audio Components in the Browser - Soledad Penadés

Make Art Not Money - Brad Bouse

Building apps with D3.js - Nathan Vander Wilt

JavaScript Puzzlers: Puzzles to Make You Think - Charles Bihis

ECMAScript Regrets - David Bruant

JS Bringing Crypto to the Masses - Matthew Bergman

Where does the Javascript run, anyway? - C J Silverio

So you want to build a robot? - Raquel Vélez

Six bottles of RUM: surprising stories of real world mobile performance - Peter McLachlan

Stop Breaking the Web - Tom Dale

Farewell CascadiaJS (Let's Talk about Feelings) - Jenn Turner


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