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Power-Up Your Bookmarks in Firefox.


I've created some pretty powerful bookmarks in Firefox to speed up my browsing workflow:

The bookmarks with URLs as locations just hit those URLs with whatever else you've typed as the %s argument. Thus you can hack your way into just about any site's custom search. The bookmarks with JavaScript as locations simply execute those pieces of JavaScript.

With the "keywords" field, I can execute these bookmarks with keyboard commands (typing into the URL bar). Since new tabs open with focus in the URL bar with Control T, this makes for some pretty zippy workflows. Searching the jQuery docs: Control T, jq [search term] [enter]. Looking up synonyms: Control T, thes [word] [enter].

The keywords are even pretty convenient when I have to involve the mouse. Adding the current URL to my Instapaper list: click into the URL bar and ip [enter]. Pulling up Google's cached version of the current page: click into the URL bar and gcache [enter].


Tags: firefox tooling

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