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How I Got Started As A Developer.


I thought that I would share the story of how I "broke" into development. This was some number of years ago, and naturally what worked for me may not work for you.

Long long ago, I was working at a tech support call center. I had a headset, call routing system, and few internal web-based knowledgebases to search through for answers. This job suited me because I already had the secret pre-requisite amount of computer knowledge (having built machines for myself and others), and it was fairly high-paying work. As I earned experience in the job, other folks came to me for help with their calls. This got awkward when I was also on a call. So I re-purposed an extra computer under my neighbor's cubicle into an IIS intranet server to host a "for us, by us" kind of knowlegebase. I learned basic HTML and JavaScript; and the kind of CSS where you can change an <h1>'s color with inline style attributes!

After many years, the call center job was further outsourced to Canada. By this time, I had just completed an 2 year community college degree (and a 1 year certificate in "electronic commerce"), so I figured I was ready to pursue web developer as a career. This coursework had included an assignment to "make a website", so I took care of the whole gamut of webmaster duties for a friend. My unemployment benefits included community college tuition for retraining, which I used to take a whirlwind PHP / MySQL development class. Then I applied for local web development jobs. I'd also picked up a second "client" - a local non-profit organization which needed a webmaster to put their affairs in order and make occasional updates.

Six months later, my unemployment benefits had run out, and I wasn't working as a developer. Though I had built my very own PHP and duct-tape blog system. So I took another tech support job. This one was a the corporate headquarters for local video rental chain. (I told you this was a long time ago.) After several months of learning the business through tech support, one of the other groups at headquarters posted an opening for a web developer. They needed another developer to help build intranet reports for the retail store managers to detect theft. Since I had experience with the business and doing web development, I got that job and became a professional web developer. After a year or so doing that, I got another full-time development job, and that's what I've been doing ever since.


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