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The Firefox Command Line.


I'm old friends with the command line. Sometimes it's a hassle to remember exactly what to type, but sometimes a command line really is the right tool for the job at hand. And it turns out that another one of my old friends - Firefox - has a command line interface. Open it up at any time with Shift F2. So here are a few nifty features of Firefox's command line that I'd like to remember for next time:

Be aware that one of the first (and highest-ranked) announcements of Firefox's command line at is pretty out-of-date. Refer to instead.

Katie Katie

Eric Meyer recently wrote a bit about using Firefox's command line to make screenshots. There were a couple of useful arguments he mentioned:

  • --fullpage to screenshot the page beyond scroll range.
  • --dpr to scale up or down the resolution of the screenshot. (Currently available in FF Dev Edition or FF Nightly.)
  • --clipboard to copy the image to your clipboard

Additionally, I've discovered that if you right-click an element in Firefox's dev tools Inspector, one of the options is "Screenshot Node". I'll be using this a lot in the future, to be sure.


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