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(I'm a few days late in marking this anniversary. What can I say - I've been busy. Heck, I've had a full plate for a year now, which is the point of this blog.)

One year ago, I gave my first conference talk at SassConf 2014. My 10 minute lightning talk "Color In The Real World" was about how we perceive color, how artists use tricks with color for realistic effects in paintings, and Sass color functions can replicate those tricks.

A little over a month later, I gave a 45 minute talk "From 0 to Nodebots" at the inaugural Nodevember 2014. Though I had been submitting talks to conferences for more than a year, this was my accepted talk. This was an expanded version of the talk I had given at my local JavaScript meetup a few months previous.

In March of this year, I presented "Colour in the Real World" at CSS Conf AU in Melbourne, Austrailia. This talk was an expanded version of my SassConf talk, and is another talk that was accepted via CFP.

In May, I was invited to JSConf US in Florida to help with the NodeBots event. This invitation was a result of the video from my Nodevember talk. Having a public video of their talk is a great artifact for a speaker, and for your community.

In July, it was finally time for Cascadia Fest. Way back in January, I'd been invited to join the core organizing team and curate Browser JavaScript day. So since then, I'd been brainstorming party and workshop ideas, reading proposals and selecting talks, and writing tons of emails and Slack messages. After having attended 2 previous CascadiaJS conferences, I got involved by starring the CJS Github repo and volunteering to help with a smaller part of the conference.

And a week and a half ago, I closed out an amazing year by presenting "Developing for Localization" (a completely new talk) at CSS Conf EU 2015. I was particularly delighted to have my CFP accepted here because CSS Conf EU is so prestigious and competitive. I finally had the opportunity to attend JS Conf EU too!

Looking back at this past year, I feel so thankful to have had such great opportunities and be a part of all of these events. I've promised myself that I could tone down the events next year, and I really am savoring the idea of some quiet time. I'll finally able to work on some long neglected "for fun" projects, and maybe just relax a little bit.


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