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Music Players for iOS.


Since iOS updated to version 9, the Music app is awful. Pants. Terrible. Balls. Poop emoji. Specifically:

So, I did the only reasonable thing, and spent an evening evaluating the available options from the App Store. These are the things that I was mostly interested when evaluating music apps:


Ecoute is the best of the bunch and just $.99. Has an simple and clean interface, and allows you select music by Album, Artist or even playlists! It's standout feature is allowing you to queue up music to play next. Good-bye,


A solid audio player, and it's free (but well worth the $.99 in-app purchase to support development). The UI is clear, and it gets right out of way and lets you to your music. I like the innovative way that it displays your album art in a random order to re-introduce you to old audio friends. And you can pick between music, audiobooks and podcasts. The only downside is that (as of this writing), it doesn't read playlists.


The UI is gorgeous, I love the outline around the album fills up as the song plays. But it is far too gesture driven for my needs - and I feel like the "track forward" and "track backward" gestures are reversed. Some of the App Store reviews mentioned problems with Albums containing multiple artists. But I tested this and didn't have any problems.


This app is focused on creating and customizing playlists. I only want to pick albums and play those - sorry Songbucket, it's not you, it's me.


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