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Cookie Secrets 2.


Here come the tips - things to know before hand, and things to keep you somewhat out of trouble.

  1. Your butter temperature matters. The only way around this is not to use butter at all. So, take your butter out of the 'fridge, and put it on the counter at least 4 hours before you start baking. The butter needs to be soft enough that it takes an impression when you press it, but not greasy.
  2. Bake a test single cookie first. It's tempting to stick a whole dozen in the oven at once, but the text cookie will give you an opportunity to fix your cookies, instead of ruining a whole dozen. Patience has it's rewards.
  3. Once you're baking, you'll probably be alternating between two or more baking trays. You really do need to let the fresh-from-the-oven tray cool before you put more dough on it. To expedite the cooling, run the metal tray (just the metal tray, even if using a silpat) under cold running water. This will chill it quite quickly. You can then dry it lightly and be back to baking!
  4. If your cookies are too flat, or your dough is too sticky, put it in the 'fridge for a bit of time. Try five minute increments for the best results. Dough at the proper temperature is very easy to work with.


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