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Cabin Fever.


Fer crying' out loud. I dated the last two posts in 2006. (Fixed now.) I suppose someone would have told me, if I actually had 'comments' functionality. Alas. I do plan to rev the Pew-Pew-Laser-Backend someday, but that's an 'as it strikes me' project. I did sketch out a database design for this. But... don't hold your breath.

For most of Saturday, it was grey and lightly snowing. The snow dusted the landscape again, though it didn't add much to the existing ~7.5 centimeters on the ground. Saturday afternoon I was overcome with the desire to bake something, but all the eggs had been used in breakfast. (Mmmm - omelettes.) The road down from our hilltop apartment had been graveled, so we were able to go out and get some supplies. Today I was able to make a batch of Peanut Blossoms - mmmm. I do look forward to heading out to work tomorrow.



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