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Ring A Ding Ding.


2007 looks to be a year of weddings. Current projections from the Pew Pew Science Lab indicate that we will be attending between 2 and 6 weddings this year. Congratulations to everyone!

2004 was also a year of weddings. The husband and I were wed, as well as his best friend, and his college roommate. These 3 weddings all occurred within the space of 6 weeks. Each couple built their own wedding, which varied in fanciness from string quartet to bag-pipes and kilts in the backyard.

I think there are good reasons for having a ceremony / party of some kind when getting married. I believe this is particularly important with the current trend of long wooing period & cohabitation that is common in my social circle. With such long term casual relationship, a wedding celebrates the formalization of that relationship. Doing so permenantly sets acceptable boundaries, and encourages those celebrating with you to protect your relationship.

But of course the wedding is for those actually getting married, and they're the only ones who get a vote in the matter.


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