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It's called "Pro Bono".


And it doesn't mean that I'm in favor of U2's lead singer. Ha ha ha! But seriously, folks... I maintain a website for ReFIT - a Portland area non-profit organization who rebuilds and remodels homes for folks who need it. It's like 'Extreme Home Makeover' but less extreme and more poorly funded. They do good work anyway.

ReFIT is finishing up a re branding; they were formerly known as The Remodeler's Foundation. This required new logos, and a new website. Last February, I re-designed their site from a fugly circa 1996 design that someone's cousin had done. The new design was reasonably good looking, but the design was all table-based with images as link-effects. When I started learning serious CSS, with semantic markup for accessibility, I felt rather bad about that design. It was very inaccessible to the very people it offered to help!

I seized the rebranding as an opportunity to re-do the site, and do it right. It has been a couple months, but it's done, and you can see the ReFIT demo site here. Take a stroll around. (Don't get too silly - the email and donation form are live and will hit the client.) I'm very pleased with the resulting accessible and validating design. Also, no JavaScript! Anyhow, drop me a line if you see something odd. Enjoy!


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