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Crazy Dutchman.


My current boss is a ex-Microsoft employee who has a fanatical devotion to them. Most recently, he's been proclaiming "IE7 is more standards compliant than Firefox". D'oh! I'm sure all of you know how untrue this is. Anyhow, for the IE7-boss, here's Arve Bersvendsen's article comparing IE to the girlfriend from hell. It's a couple years old, but still a good quick read.

If you've got a bit more time, check out A List Apart's article on Lessons for those Afraid of CSS and Standards. If you've been thinking of ditching your layout tables, there's a lot in here that will help you out. If you're ready to take the plunge, I'd check out David Sawyer's CSS: The Missing Manual for a beginner's guide. If you're feeling more intermediate-to-advanced, check out Dan Cedarholm's Bulletproof Web Design.


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