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Mas Vista y Tangento.


Penny Arcade's got a little comic about the many versions of Windows Vista out there. It's funny cuz it's true. The news also touches upon a point I'd like to expand upon: playing games on a computer is a pain in the ass.

I long ago gave up playing games on my PC. Oh, sure, I played Sam and Max and Afterlife, and I loved them. But after a while, it became just too much work. Installing drivers, making a DOS boot disk, upgrading a piece of hardware every 6 months or so? Fah, I have a life to live. Perhaps doing those things was more entertaining when they were new and interesting, but now I seem them simply as an impediment to actual fun.

Consoles (Sony Playstation, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox) are simple to use. You just put the disc in and you're playing in under a minute. (I doubt many Vista machines out there will boot in 60 seconds.) There's no configuring, no installing, no troubleshooting and no issues. It's delightful. Also, when was the last time you curled up in a blanket on the couch in front of your computer? I thought so.

Poor Goomba.  He just can't get this CSS figured out. In the last bit of Penny Arcade news, if you've always wanted a Fruit Effer t-shirt, now's the time to get one. While you're shopping at ThinkGeek, consider these Super Mario Bros. Plush Keychains. I got a clutch, and they're so damn cute, they made me squeal like a little girl.

Katie Katie

It looks like I caused a bit of a controversy by offhandedly claiming that playing games on the PC is a pain in the ass. It's true, I haven't been playing PC games in a while. So I may be unfairly recalling the 'bad old days'. And I know that Admiral Dave could, if desired, sit on the couch whilst playing WoW. But, for me, the couch & consoles are for relaxing, and the computer is for working (sometimes blogging).

PS: Even the super-froo-froo PS3 is $600. How much of a computer can you get for $600? Every other console is much cheaper.

PPS: Differently segmented games, with different control schemes and appealing to different people appear on consoles vs. PCs. WoW wouldn't work on the Wii - it requires too much typing. Katamari Damacy wouldn't work on the PC because of it's definite analog control requirements. Some games work cross-platform; mainly shooters. Anyhoo, I certainly do prefer kind of games that come out on a console.

erommel erommel

That's cool. I have been out of console games for a while, mainly due to the lack of a TV. Pretty much all the non-PC games I play are on PSP. There definitely are really good games for both PC and console.


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