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Nintendo - Please Take My Money.


This is no surprise, but I've been enjoying the Wii. The husband loves Wii Bowling, but I really love the Virtual Console. When we first got the Wii, the first thing I did was pony up $20 for 2000 Wii points.

First I bought Super Mario Bros for 500 points. It turns out that I was a lot better at this when I was ten years old. Then I bought The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for 800 points. It's nostalgicly wonderful. So this left me with 700 points...

Now there's another game to buy - Super Mario World. But it's 800 points, so I'm just a hundred points shy of buying it. I asked the husband what I should do, and he pointed out that I'll need to buy Paper Mario when it comes out, so I might as well buy a bunch more points. Sweet! Spousal buy-in!


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