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Even as an adult, I'm still surprised when some of the 'obvious' facts of life are explained to me. Here are some useful things to know:

Katie Katie

Fer crying out loud. I announce that PA publishes on Mon, Weds, and Fri, and it's 9:17 am on Friday and there's no new Penny Arcade. I KNOW that Bellvue hasn't blown up - I would have seen the smoke or heard about it on NPR...

erommel erommel

I hate to burst your bubble but sometimes they post really late, and sometimes if you stay up late enough you can catch the new comic a few hours early.

Katie Katie

I've noticed that. Bastards. It ruins my morning routine of check the movie stocks, read the comics and look at the new kitten picture.

erommel erommel

You just need to find more comics so at least one will have a new strip up. At least dieselsweeties is pretty punctual.


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