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Tight & Sweet.


Last night I got my RAM from NewEgg and cracked open my computer case - a sweet little Antec Aria. First off, I didn't even need a screwdriver to open it - just a thumbscrew on the back and the 3 aluminum panels slid off. I hadn't opened it up since I first built it about a year ago, so I was expecting to have to get the compressed air and blow out the usual supply of dust-bunnies that any well used computer accumulates. But lo, there was nary a dust bunny in sight! I quickly had the RAM in and closed the case up. It was a delightful experience, far superior to working inside the Fry's case-of-the-week special. Excellent work, Antec.

erommel erommel

I think I'm gonna give up on using cases for my computers. Next time I build one I'm just gonna mount all the components on the wall and get a really long IDE cable so I can put the CD/DVD ROM within reach of my keyboard. Wouldn't that be like the ultimate case mod? I could write instructions on how to do it and sell them on E-bay to all the "X-treme" gamers.


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