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Costco For The Win.


Costco has always had crazy cheap photo prints.

I was further delighted when they started offing a digital upload service a few years ago - I could upload my digital pictures from my home computer. I did have to go to the store to pick the prints up, but it was no big deal, because I lived barely half a mile away from a Costco.

I ordered some new prints last week, and discovered that Costco will mail the prints to me - FREE! I ordered 5 prints for 71 cents (13 cents each with 6 cents sales tax) without leaving my house. When's the last time you got anything for 71 cents?!? I bet you had to drive (or spend travel time) to get it.

I don't think you are grokking how awesome this is. Perhaps I should post pictures of other 71 cent items for context.