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Adventures in Apache - mod_speling.


Last year, I worked with Apache's rewrite and speling modules. My goal was to make all URLs case-insensitive on a website. (The original site coders had created the files and URLS with camel-casing, which is quite troublesome for a case-sensitive web server, and completely useless for search engine optimization.) I had quite a lot of trouble with these modules; I felt a bit like I was losing a boxing match.

The consensus from the resources I looked at was that mod_speling was the mod for the job. With CheckCaseOnly on, it did correct letter case for directories, but not for files? Unfortunately, that was only half the job. What I really need is a method to make both directories and file names case-insensitive for websites. Has anyone heard of such a thing?

FYI, here's the syntax I used.

##  Enables mod_speling, but only the case-insensitivity.  
CheckSpelling On
CheckCaseOnly On