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Olympic Color Rods.


It doesn't seem like it's been all that long, but I've been a student glassblower for 3 years. When I first started taking glassblowing lessons, I would always buy glass color supplies from the convenient store inside the hotshop.

But in the past year, I've been going to Olympic Color Rods, and I really do prefer them for glassblowing supplies. The folks at OCR are always super nice, and they're great at helping me find what I want, or explaining something if I'm not sure what I'm looking for. And they've got tons of copies of Ed Schmid's glassblowing books (both Beginning and Advanced), which Amazon doesn't seem to stock.

Blown glass vessel, and a cat silhouette The best thing about buying your color at OCR is that they've got several huge bins of scrap bar color, and they'll let you select which chunks of scrap you want. You can dig through the scrap box and choose those lovely reds, pinks and purples without getting stuck with more white or green from a pre-packed student color pack. I made this little amphora using one such scrap bar.

Ingrid the cat was very interested in my photography session.

Troublecat is Trouble.


Miss Ingrid wearing a paper bag's handle. Our Miss Ingrid has a well earned reputation for causing trouble. Here she is modeling the evidence of an escapade that didn't go so well.

We had purchased some slippers decorated with large fluffy feathery bits, and left them in a paper bag on our nightstand when we went out. When we came home, this is how we found Ingrid. She had been going after the irresistibly fluffy slippers, and got caught inside the bag's handles.

She eventually found a way free of the bag, and probably spent the rest of the afternoon under the bed. We cut her loose after we had preserved the moment for prosperity.

Fluff Piece.


Yes, it's been a while since I wrote. I've been ...busy. Yeah, that's it ...busy. So, here's a fluff piece.

Take a look at these fabulously cute kittens, now available for adoption. The remind me ever so much of our very own Cotten and Ingrid. In case those little cuties do turn out like our own tabby and calico, I will warn you of their behavior.

Synchronized Napping.


Synchronized napping - Summer 2008 I have finally got my computer back to running how I like it. Doing so consumed 4 weeknights, all in all, so I hope it stays this way. I am celebrating by posting this picture, taken when the kitties started practicing last summer. They are now world class champions at napping.

Cats and Mice.


Calico cat with a handmade toy mouse. Tabby cat with a handmade toy mouse. This Christmas, my mom enacted a policy of "no presents from China" - which meant a lot of hand made stuff. She was kind enough to include the kitties in the gift-giving. She knitted these wool mice, and filled them with organic catnip. Do the kitties like them? Why, yes, they like them very much. They get very excited when we go near the drawer where the mice are stored.

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