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Oh! Chocolate.


Truffles from Oh! Chocolate Last year, I used one of my Groupons at Oh! Chocolate - a Seattle chocolatier / confectioner with locations in Mercer Island, Madison Park and Bellvue Place. I got the lovely box of truffles in this picture, and a delicious bag of "mistakes". The truffles were quite good, but I enjoyed the mistakes (which featured some chocolate-covered marshmallows and fruit) even more.

Judging the Chocolate.


This may be no surprise, but I like chocolate. I like chocolate a lot. In the past several years, I've evolved from preferring the cheap sweets of a normal Hershey's bar to enjoying fancy pants truffles.

Portland-local Moonstruck remains my favorite chocolatier. Their chocolates are certainly the cutest around, as well as being inventive and flavorful. Of course, this preference hasn't stopped me from testing the offerings of other chocolatiers.

I bought a Green Box from San Francisco's Recchiuti Confections while visiting last November. Their truffles were exquisitely decorated, and reasonably tasty. In some instances, I did find the fancy flavors to be too subtle for me to pick up on. Though I wouldn't mind trying the Black Box or Key Lime Pears someday.

I have tried one of Fran's truffles. It had a rich flavor and I look forward to trying more truffles, as well as the famous salted caramels.

The husband was kind enough to provide me with a selection of confections from Theo. I wasn't a fan of the Big Daddy Marshmallows - they were big; the graham cracker, and the marshmallow and caramel didn't come together for me. The candied orange covered in dark chocolate, however, was delicious.

Last month, the husband and I discovered our new downtown Seattle dessert spot - the Chocolate Box. Not only do they sell confections and truffles from a variety of chocolatiers (including Moonstruck) they have a sizable selection of baked goods by the slice, hot chocolate and gelato. Delightful!