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Disneyland - The Birthday Rulebook.


Last year, the husband and I went to Disneyland on my birthday, and I got in for free. After I turned in my paperwork at the booth, they gave me a "Happy Birthday" button with my name on it, which I wore all day. As we walked through the park, all the Disneyland cast members (park employees) said "Happy Birthday, Katie!". While it was amusing at first, the personalized "Happy Birthday!"s from strangers became very slightly creepy as the day wore on.

I got to wondering about the rulebook or memo that commanded birthday greetings from cast members. I wondered how specifically it laid out the treatment for birthday guests - that birthday guests are to be greeted by name, but may not jump the line. I also wondered if there were "secret birthday guests" (like secret shoppers) who checked on cast member compliance of the birthday rules.

State of Nintendo DS Gaming.


Ha ha! I got you, Cloud of Darkness. I finally beat the main part of Final Fantasy III for the DS. It was good; very old school - which means challenging. A secret dungeon exists in the post-game, but to to access it, I need to start exchanging Moogle - letters with other real people. How about it - do any of you have Final Fantasy III for DS? Let's hook up.

I love Puzzle Quest. I played through a second character, and I made many different choices the second time. My character is now nigh invincible. It's a fabulous game, for any of you who haven't tried it already. I have only one complaint - enough with the freaking ports to different platforms already. When do I get my Puzzle Quest II?!?

Walt Disney World is testing using DSs to enhance the visitor experience at the park. (Actual screen shots.) This is a really exciting idea - though I would be offended if there were a cost for the service. Renting a DS would be lame - I love my classy gold Triforce DS Lite.

In non-DS news, Bubble Bobble is now available on the Wii's Virtual Console! I had some Wii points, so I bought it. Those pixely dinosaurs are very large on our big TV.

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