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Google Voice Transcription - Scooter of the Year.


Here is another hilarious Google Voice transcription of a voicemail.

Yeah, hey hey, it's Chris. We probably knew that So I was thinking, then maybe I would swing by. 3 months or a brewery of similar location for a scooter of the year. And I'm proud so and then maybe you could bring that case, and I can bring some cash so we can just filter little bit. I will have the baby with me so we will need to go to Garrido I was. Beattie's most seem to do so. Gimme a call back.

Google Text Transcription - You So Crazy.


Here's another wonderful transcribed voicemail from Google:

Hi Sweetie it's a little bit after one I want to let you know that apartment and I are doing and she has the outgrowth this house, religion, the 6th in between so I can find. So.

To be fair, it got "Hi Sweetie it's a little bit after one" correct.

Google Text Transcription.


We went to a movie this week, and shut off our cell phones. My mom called, and was forced to leave a voicemail. This is how Google Text transcribed the voicemail:

For crying out loud. I tried calling Katy, she's not answering and you're not answering so that calling with big you guys. Murphy at a performance of in the neck records week. And so. Speaking of nutcracker suite. I've never heard of this recipe all win. Brown's white trash. Well, I'm going to be making that I have some yesterday. And that's stuff. It is delicious. You, we, for joining internet cracker crack. There you go anyways. I'll talk to you kids later, bye.