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Domestic Brilliance.


Plastic tubing on a shower rack The husband is quite brilliant around the house. He devised this elegant solution to preventing the marks that our new metal shower rack kept leaving on the shower tile. He cut some plastic tubing into inch long strips, and sliced down one side of each tube to create a jacket. He then slid the tube jackets around the legs of the shower rack, where they act as a sturdy bumper between tile and rack. How very clever!

Saga of the Painters.


I finally finished getting estimates from painters and the chosen one will start tomorrow. We selected the first one to come out and give a bid, who is now giving us a great deal. The second guy to come out was Mr. 90 Minutes Late Lowball who gave me the cold pricklies. The third gave a bid $900 lower than the first guy, and with $900 worth of extra services. I was then able to talk the first guy into matching the third's package. Score.

5th of July.


The 4th was awesome. But I'm soooo tired today. We should get the 5th off too. Or at least formalize it as 'National Sleep-In Day'. After all, we were up very late last night blowing things up, and fighting traffic. I bet 'National Sleep-In Day' would be more popular than CSS Naked Day.

PS - We had a painter show up on time today to give me a bid. Yes! The last guy showed up 80 minutes late, and the dude before that didn't show at all. It's sad when you points just for showing up.

I'm only going to try so hard.


A painter was supposed to come tonight and give me a bid for painting. I waited, he didn't show up, didn't call. At least I got some Animal Crossing done. I am sooo done with him & moving on to the next guy. I'm not the one who should be working hard to get the damn vendors over here. Crikey.

PS - I saw a commercial on TV for HeadOn - the mysterious forehead product. The TV commercial said just as much as the radio commercial, but there was also an image of a woman wiping deodorant on her head. Crazy mouth-breathing idiots.

What Is It?


I heard a radio commercial for a product called HeadOn. The commercial said nothing about what the product was for, or what it did. The only thing I got out of it was that it's applied directly to your forehead. I Googled and learned from some reseller sites that it's a headache remedy.

The official HeadOn website was even more vaporous and unhelpful. It's as if someone set to create a commercial website that says absolutely nothing about the product. Good job, I say. Also a complaint about the source code - they're using an image map for their linked navigation images. I know that websites are supposed to avoid table-based navigation (what with CSS2 and everything) but I'm pretty sure image maps aren't a good replacement!

PS - The roofer came by today and picked up his damn shingles. I don't imagine that he (or anybody) reads this, so it must have been the Blog-fairies. Thank you Blog-fairies!

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