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Is Something Really Better Than Nothing?


I couldn't think of anything else to write, so I will show you some more icons.

Turkey Hunt 2. Perfect for the season.

Tonkawa Holiday. Simple, sparkly, and Christmasy.

Shanghai Scary Clowns. A posse of insane clowns, or just misunderstood?

Nice, eh? Sign up here to get your own.

Dress Up For the Holidays


You thought I was done shilling for Iconbuffet? Think again. You're going to need these free web graphics to prepare for the upcoming holiday season:

Amsterdam High Seas. Yar, how coud ye resist these piratical images when Talk Like a Pirate Day be a mere month away?

Pumpkin Eve. You could carve a pumpkin, or decorate your emails with these icons. My way is much less gooey.

Turkey Hunt. Stuff your face if you can. This turkey is prepared.

Remember, it's all free. Free I tell you! Now, go sign up and get some of your own.

Need More Convincing?


Oh, so you need more convincing to sign up for Iconbuffet? Here's a few more pictures you could get:

Manhattan Tech Toys. Even if you can't get a real iPhone, you can still get a resonable facsimilie in portrait or landscape.

Slideshow Pro. Your boring old photo album only has text identifying links. What a rookie mistake. Use these images instead.

Durango Research. These retro-style graphics will dress up your latest research paper nicely. If only the DNA sequencer would hurry up...

Remember, it's all free. Free I tell you! Now, go sign up and get some of your own.

So Very Disappointed.


None of you signed up for Iconbuffet. I'm so very disappointed. Did you think I was kidding when I said you should do it? Check out these neat icons you could be putting or your website or using as a chat avatar. Perhaps you just didn't know what you could be getting:

Manhattan Pub Crawl. Look, it's beer. I know you could use some beer.

Blinksale. Just one of the many fine professional image sets available; this is great for those e-commerce applications.

Sushinobi. Ninjas and sushi. As we all know, ninjas are the real ultimate power, and they might be persuaded not to kill you if download them. Or you could just eat the fine fine sushi.

Pretty pictures, huh? Now, go sign up and get some of your own.

Pony Up Slackers.


Over in the left side navigation, I've put up a few new links recently. I'll be expanding the articles section with some of the techniques I've discovered in the future. But for now, I'd like to draw your attention to the "Free High Quality Icons" link - this will take you to my Icon Buffet Landing Page. A landing page is a webpage designed to drive visitor actions such as purchasing or signing up for something. This page contains several good elements designed to get you to sign up for the Iconbuffet service.

I notice that I have made a few common landing page mistakes here - I'll have to address those in the future. Briefly:

You all had better sign up now. Seriously, I need the referral bonuses. Next week I'll bring on the guilt.

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