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How to Make a Pee-Wee Runt Rover with Johnny-Five.


A small two-wheeled robot powered with an Arduino, on top of a laptop with many stickers. Way back in May of 2015, I attended JSConf US to help with Bocoup's JS IRL Nodebots event. The robot kit was designed by Rick Waldron, and Rick and Francis Gullota soldered pin headers to all the the motor controllers before the event. We helped around 100 attendees build a nice little Nodebot, and everyone got to take home their kit. If you want to build your own, here's what you need:

Once you've got the bot running, there are a number of ways to extend it. Here's one that's controlled with an Xbox 360 controller (code).

JSConf US 2015 Notes.


I was invited to JSConf US last May to assist with the "JS IRL" Nodebots event. (Workshop assisting is a great way to get to a conference: I built a little Nodebot, got the keep the hardware kit, helped others learn about JavaScript-based hardware, and I didn't even have to write a speech!) I also got to see some of the talks, and I wanted to share my notes from a few of my favorite talks:

Beyond Responsive: Building a mobile web you're f*ing proud of - Kate Hudson

Making Relational Cool Again (or: JavaScript on ACID) - Tim Griesser

This talk was super useful for me. Someday, I intend to refactor my blog's backend from PHP to Node, but I sure as heck don't want to change the database that holds all the content.

(math == art && art == code) - John Brown

I always love John's talks; I find them super inspiring. Confession: I never finish my "homework".

Knitting for JavaScripters - Mariko Kosaka

Mariko's image processing parts were the most interesting to me; it's related to screen printing on glass that I took last year.

Cold War - Simon Swain

When Simon finished his talk, he walked right by our table and everyone just watched him with jaws agape. It was absolutely mind-blowing. There doesn't seem to be a video of Cold War from JSConf, but there are videos of other versions from both TXJS and EngineersSG.

Steve Kinney: Building a musical instrument with the Web Audio API

Maintaining a Local Dev Meetup - Jacob Roufa

If you wish to learn ES6/2015 from scratch, you must first invent the universe - Ashley Williams

30 Minutes or Less: The Magic of Automated Accessibility Testing - Marcy Sutton

You can watch all of talks - there were so many that I either missed or didn't have time to write useful notes for. I hope to get to all the videos someday!