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Job Skills I Wish They Taught in School.


Here are some things that I kinda wish schools taught to their students:

  1. How to reserve a room in Outlook: Add room as a resource. If you don't get an accept from the room, you don't have it reserved.
  2. How to troubleshoot: Proving functionality of small the components which make up the entire system.
  3. How to evaluate a study: Has it been peer reviewed? Has it been published in a respectable journal?
  4. Statistical analysis: What makes an appropriate sample size, and how to actually calculate the odds.

Job Smells.


You've heard of code smells - those whiffy hints that something in the codebase just ain't right? Apropos, I present the below "job smells" - indications that it just may be time polish up that resume and do some job searching.

None of the above is about my current job - my present position is super-great. Some of it is from hearsay; and some of it is from actual past positions. Just remember, you deserve to have a great job!

Outlook - Search Inside an Email.


In Outlook (Microsoft's email program), I used to think that there was no way to search the body of a given email, since Control-F (the keyboard shortcut used for "Find" by most applications) started Forwarding an email. However, I've recently discovered that there is a way to search the contents of an email:

  1. Open the email in its own window. (The preview pane is no good for this.)
  2. Hit F4.

Outlook Email View.


Outlook - Grouped Emails by Date In Outlook, I prefer to have my emails grouped by receive date, as shown at right.

Outlook - Ungrouped Emails by Date One day, I somehow changed it so that each individual day was displayed, and clicking on that day would expand that day's emails. This was very irritating.

Outlook - Arrange> Show in GroupsSeveral days later, I finally figured out how to get Outlook back to my preferred view: with emails visible and displayed under headlines such as Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Two Weeks ago, ect. Under the View menu, choose Arrange By, and check both Date and Show in Groups.