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My Top 3 iPhone Apps.


I've had my iPhone for about a year now, and it's just as indispensable as my Palm used to be. Here are my favorite apps for the iPhone.

  1. OneBusAway. Based on the real-time location information from most bus lines (or train or ferry), OneBusAway tells me how long until my bus arrives. Then I can decide if I have time for breakfast at home or if I have to dash out the door. It does break down in very-slow-bus scenarios, such as snow or Sounders events. (Useful mainly in Puget Sound, but available for a variety of devices.) It's free!
  2. NASA. NASA's app is a great way to keep track of our space-faring activities. You can track launches, watch videos, and even look at daily pictures such as the APOD. The NASA app makes it super easy to save the pictures for use as lock screen / wallpaper images. (Available for iPhone and Android. Also, free.)
  3. 2Do. Yes, it's another to-do list application. But it's got a huge feature set. As a Palm devotee, I had very high demands for my to-list application, and despaired of finding one that met my needs. 2Do does everything that I need it to, and still has features left over.

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Natural Laws of Public Transit.


There are a few "natural laws" of riding public transit that I have noticed over several years of bus ridership.